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life 23 Jan 2006 02:55 am

Steps V1.0

baby steps

Panos is officially walking – If I were a betting man, I’d bet on two things here. That he’ll be running by the end of the week and that we’ll be running after him. H’e seems to have gotten bored of the Animals app I built for him a few weeks ago. Time for an upgrade I think. This time we’ll need to add a few quack – quack -ing ducks, a few horses and some sheep. His favourite so far has been the moooooo-ing cow which makes him chuckle really loudly.

Technology I use &the net 07 Jan 2006 12:46 pm

Weekend Linux – Rails (Blood, Sweat & Tears)

Last week I began playing with RubyOnRails

Although there is a single click install package called InstantRails that I have been using, I prefer something more robust.
So, this weekend, feeling rather masochistic, I decided to do a fresh Ubuntu install with Apache, PHP, mySQL, phpMyAdmin, Ruby, Rails, SSH, FTP.
Now my previous experience with linux has been simply to put in the Linux CD and wait for the pretty windows but this time I decided to forego the prettyness of Gnome and do it totally in shell. Well, it’s been a long day but it’s finally running !!! See? Here’s proof !!
putty rubonrails
Resources I used : Starter guide Ubuntu 5.10 ISP setup
Claudios’ How to install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 5.10
phpMyAdmin Docs

Projects 06 Jan 2006 03:56 am

Taking Off !!!

newsagent is really taking off. Hits are up 300%. Thanks and well done to all involved. Look out for the new wiki on the backoffice. We have a new blogger in CyberEddie who’s posting like there’s no tomorrow.

work 03 Jan 2006 03:47 am

Why I’m an HP Guy


This morning I realised I had a problem with a PC that is used by many. Those many really need this machine and I really need to pre-empt the frustration fast.

A failed HDD prevents it from booting and I don’t have another 40GB Serial ATA to replace and rebuild.

Thankfully, this is a relatively new PC but I can’t remember if it’s still on warranty so I take down the S/N and P/N, log on to HP’s website and start a chat with someone in support. She very quickly confirms that the PC is still in “On-Site!!” warranty and gives me a number to dial here in Athens.

Call made, technician arrives tomorrow to fix. Total time 20min.

Perrrrrrfect !!!

That’s why I love HP.