work 03 Jan 2006 03:47 am

Why I’m an HP Guy


This morning I realised I had a problem with a PC that is used by many. Those many really need this machine and I really need to pre-empt the frustration fast.

A failed HDD prevents it from booting and I don’t have another 40GB Serial ATA to replace and rebuild.

Thankfully, this is a relatively new PC but I can’t remember if it’s still on warranty so I take down the S/N and P/N, log on to HP’s website and start a chat with someone in support. She very quickly confirms that the PC is still in “On-Site!!” warranty and gives me a number to dial here in Athens.

Call made, technician arrives tomorrow to fix. Total time 20min.

Perrrrrrfect !!!

That’s why I love HP.

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