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mabotThis evening I was tinkering with a problem I’ve been having over the past few days. I use VNC to connect to a client but that client has a cheapo ADSL with a dynamic IP so it’s guesswork as to which address they’re currently at. I can see them online via MSN and I usually ask them to invite me to remote inward so I can do an IPConfig and get thier current IP. A bit cumbersome and only applicable when they’re actually in the office.

So I thought of writing a small app that “phones home” or emails me the latest IP. Neither option is really suitable because I don’t want more email and I’m pretty mobile so I dont have the same IP myself for it to report to. So next best thing, an MSN messenger bot that waits for a keyword from me and responds with hostname and IP address. Works great.

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  1. on 29 Mar 2008 at 6:10 am 1.targetdummy said …

    I have an issue similar to yours. Is there any ways I can get a hold of your bot?

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