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life 12 Sep 2006 12:32 pm

Brain Overload – Need a Holiday

brain-mapping.jpg“Memory failure owes more to interference from irrelevant information than to an inability to focus on relevant information”

I am tired. My brain is full. I either need a reboot (not a boot to the Head) or a memory upgrade. Since the upgrade’s not available yet, I’ll settle for the holiday (kind of like a reboot). I am literally unable to remember more than 3 digits at a time when noting down a phone number. The other day the boss stood accross the room and quoted a number for me to dial into the phone. I got it wrong three times in a row. He took over. I hav since reverted to carrying a large blue notebook around everywhere I go, noting things down, moving them off my RAM. Seems to be working and my productivity is slightly up – still, time off after the 25th for a couple of weeks.


Technology I use &the net 08 Sep 2006 06:46 pm

Re-Streaming streams

logo.pngMore and more staff are streaming audio (music and news) into their offices, sucking up bandwidth and Quality of Service from others. One idea (N!) was to try and bring in one copy of a stream and then run a streaming server from within the network where users can connect to. Then, we won’t need to bring down multiple copies of BBC or CNN or whatever at +32Kbps each time for each user.

After some research this evening/morning, I came up with Peercast which seems to do the trick, allowing multiple “Re-Broadcasts” or  “Streaming Relays”. I’m going to suggest we run a couple of experiments with it next week to see how it holds up and if QoS gets any better while using it.

Projects 06 Sep 2006 05:46 pm

Ideas alone are worthless

idea.gifIdeas by themselves are not worth anything. As Paul Graham wrote, there is no market for ideas – you can’t sell them because nobody wants to buy them. It’s all about execution. You put your ideas in to practice and create something of value.


Note to self: You need to brush up on your execution. You’re full of ideas but finishing them is a different matter.

life 03 Sep 2006 11:10 am

Panagiotis – Named at Last !!

panos christeningBeen a long time coming and his hair was getting really long (for the orthodoxically uninitiated: we cant give him a haircut before he’s baptised) The ceremony was great, a really cool priest who seemed high on something or other, a great group of family and friends as guests and vast quantities of food and wine thereafter. Thank you all for coming and thanks so much for the wonderful gifts.
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