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life 27 Nov 2006 03:43 pm

27 Nov 2006 14:15 Dad Again !!

P1010575sm.JPGWe have a burly young gentleman of 4.1kg. Born by CS. I’ll put pics up as soon as I take them. M has been super. First night was a little easier than with Panos two years ago. I guess we knew what to expect. Thanks to all friends who came to visit, called or sent messages. We will be home as of Friday. Baby G is exactly 2years, 2 days and 2 hrs younger than Panos.

Technology I use 09 Nov 2006 12:31 pm

Mathcad – Super !!

MathcadStarted playing with the great software that is Mathcad for another child project I’m getting into. I’m considering trying both MatLab and Mathematica too. They say these two are far more complicated but far more powerful. At this stage Mathcad is just perfect for what I need. The project has to do with Image Processing and a little bit of AI.


Stay Tuned.

life 01 Nov 2006 10:19 am


everywhere.JPGHeard today that “Die Groot Krokodil” is dead. Apparently he died peacefully. Personally I can’t imagine he was very peaceful given all that happened under his rule. Still RIP PW.

On a funnier note, while surfing following on from reading the PW article I stumbled across the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission website.They have a list of applicants who had applied for amnesty crimes/atrocities committed under apartehied. Some granted some denied. Im taken aback by the sheer volume of killings that took place. One site actually lists operations undertaken by the ANC during that time. WOW almost every second or third day they were actually blowing stuff up. In some cases very near to where we were located. Anyway this post is actually about one guy, ROBIN HOUSTON HOLMES, who applied for amnesty to overturn a conviction for “illegal production, printing and distribution of banned T-shirts” !!! One shirt titled “We are everywhere – Even in the kitchen” I’ll give him one thing – at least his action was non-violent and apparently he didn’t even make a quick buck on the back of the struggle.