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Shameful – Vivodi is a Joke – Don’t go there

selfishI applied for CableTV on the 15th of March – given current rumors I can expect to be connected around 4 months from now. Any complaints are futile. The irony is that I’m posting from a shared wireless connection I’m on through Vivodi. Am I being selfish? Perhaps.

Let me counter with this. Vivodi charge me over Eu1/min when I call their customer support line. This is provided by a third party company. It may be Teleperformance but I stand corrected. They have absolutely no idea or intention to help me with any query. I foolishly wait over 15min on hold each time I call them only to be told the same thing time and time again: that they have no idea what the hold up is and when they expect to deliver the product I bought.
Rumor has it they are making a huge profit from their Customer Support lines at over Eu1/minute.

Now who is selfish.

[update 24 May 2007] Received a call from CS this evening informing me of a “slight delay” in my application and that Vivodi are doing everything in their power to resolve the problem. I replied with “Are you kidding me, it’s 60days or so since I applied – what do I need to do to cancel, Enough with you.”

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  1. on 17 May 2007 at 3:12 pm 1.Chris said …

    Vivodi customer support is a joke.. no argument there.

    Last year there was a problem with my connection and I was without internet for over a month. The constant calls with the min 15min waiting period on hold got me absolutely nowhere. They eventually took notice after an e-mail and fax that I sent them where I basically called everyone including the Customer Support dept and technical depts an incompetent group of fools that have no idea what any of them are doing. The problem was fixed within 3 days.

    After all of this I refused to pay any of my bills for a period of 7 months and went on to cancel the line. It took me a year to pay up what I owed them and that was only after the 10th ‘Past Due’ notice…!

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