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OpenCoffee Athens featuring Jason Calacanis

George and his crowd scored a real hit with the latest OpenCoffee. I witnessed one of the most inspiring talks ever. Direct, to the point. Jason was superb.

In summary:

  • Entrepeneurship is like going into battle. It’s tough and not everyone is cut out for it.
  • There are two types of people, those that are entrepreneurs and those that wish they were.
  • The only thing that stops us from starting up our own company is fear.
  • Everyone wants to be their own boss
  • The route to success is often via failure, there are always lessons in failure
  • You need to step up. Swing the bat and keep on swinging.
  • You will not hit a home run each time, but when you do it will be great
  • Share Knowledge: Give everything and you will receive much more in return
    Within the next month:
    someone to start an EC2 meetup
    someone to start a design meetup
    someone to start a Google App Engine meetup
    Next year:
    At least 5 Greek startups to present at TechCrunch50

    I’m happy to help on any of the above. Email me and we can get started. Though I’m no designer.

    Blogger Breakfast
    I was very privileged to attend a blogger breakfast the next morning that Jason kindly hosted where, Besides the opportunity to meet fellow Greek bloggers, we had the chance to bounce some ideas off each other. Thanks guys, Thanks Jason. We hope to see you back in a year!

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    1. on 09 Dec 2015 at 6:01 pm 1.Lina said …

      se auto pou les sigoura meta apo 100 dn tha koiziapems alla theoro oti auto einai san ton copywriter oloi mporoun na grapsoun ena keimeno ligoi mporoun na se kanoun na to kratiseis sto uposinidito.. me apla logia i to xeis i den to xeis ! good job kai pali

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