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Technology &the net 14 Nov 2005 12:41 pm

Top 10 Sites I Read


life &the net 12 Nov 2005 01:29 pm

Random Rants Re Multiple Online Persona’s


Are people transformed by using the internet?

Is it possible that using internet changes people, can we become fragmented mutliple personalities?

The internet empowers people, we are in charge of what we do online, we can be our own masters.

Everyone yearns to be creative, to create. Being creative is being in charge, is being powerful, thereby being hip. You cannot be boring online – screen names we use or avatars. Assuming persona, being different.

Blogs as tools are deeply personal, people spill their guts on blogs or blogs are boring. Blogs not neccessarily invented to challenge authority or as alternative news sources but as a tool to capture the living experience of a person. An online version of their life. There is value in everyones unique experience.

Wiki’s power is that you can do something on a site without gettting permission. Seeing your name in lights.

You can be creative online. You can be empowered.

When we pour our souls online we construct an image of ourselves – we give our readers a glimpse of who we are. We can effectivly show our personality, or assume another.

Full of Myself &life &the net 03 Nov 2005 12:49 pm

1st on Google


Did another Glory Search again this evening –

wooooohoooooo !!! 1st entry on Google for search term “Stavros Messinis” (that’s up from 8th and No, the rooms for rent (entry 2 – down from 1) are not referring to me so you can’t stay for free).

Still, it’s a reference to the Centric CRM translation I’m doing and not directly from this blog but we’ll soon change that.

Next target – 1st entry for search term “Stavros”

Technology I use &the net 31 Oct 2005 03:48 am


No bullshit – I ordered 4 x Maxtor 120Gb backup devices at, wait for it !!!!!!! €3.50!!!!!! each this morning from

Needless to say, they called me a couple of hours later saying they had made a mistake on their site and that the price was wrong. I insisted that they should fulfill the order as advertised. They insisted they were cancelling my order.

I then called EKPOIZO – the Greek Consumer Council – got some good advice, thanks. They suggested I write a letter. Well, in the modern spirit of blogging, no letter, just blog.

Now I’m no legal eagle but, a price advertised as far as I am concerned constitutes contract. However, in the spirit of good netizenship, I admit I thought that e-direct made a mistake when palcing the order but thought it wouldn’t hurt to place the order anyway. Because in commerce, both sides need to be honest for a transaction to be successful, and because e-direct took the trouble to admit to thier mistake, I’m happy to let this one go.

Pity, I could have used the disks Edirect

Απόδειξη παραγγελίας
Κωδικός παραγγελίας: #10509 Ημνία Παραγγελίας: 31/10/2005 8:15:33 πμ
Προϊόντα παραγγελίας

Α/Α Τίτλος Προϊόντος Ποσότητα Τιμή Συνόλου ΦΠΑ Σύνολο
1 Maxtor OneTouch External 120GB 4 €14,00 €2,66 €16,66
Σύνολο €14,00 €2,66 €16,66
Αποστολή παραγγελίας
Όνομα: Stavros
Επώνυμο: Messinis
Πόλη: Athens
Νομός: Αττικής
Χώρα: Ελλάδα
Τηλέφωνο 1:
Τηλέφωνο 2:
courier €5,60
Τελικό Σύνολο "

Technology I use &the net 29 Oct 2005 10:36 am

My Favourite Power Browser

I’ve been using Maxthon as my primary browser for some months. It really is a power users browser.

Although not striclty a browser but rather a browser shell based on IE, its’ pretty damn powerful and makes IE a usable product. Given all the IE vulnerabilities out there I wouldn’t suggest using it without running regular windws update patching by default as well as Windows Antispyware and Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Still it has tabbed browsing and what I think is the coolest feature, closing tabs with a double click. Other cool features include “Mouse Gestures” which allows you to navigate using the mouse and also “super drag & drop” that lets you open a link simply by dragging it upwards (almost like throwing a link to open a new tab)

Try close Maxthon down completely and you’re handed a window asking if you’d like to save the session of open tabs for next time – very cool indeed.

Maxthon has a facilty for plugins too, checkout the cool plugins site
Once you try it you probably won’t go back to anything else any time soon.

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