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My Favourite Power Browser

I’ve been using Maxthon as my primary browser for some months. It really is a power users browser.

Although not striclty a browser but rather a browser shell based on IE, its’ pretty damn powerful and makes IE a usable product. Given all the IE vulnerabilities out there I wouldn’t suggest using it without running regular windws update patching by default as well as Windows Antispyware and Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Still it has tabbed browsing and what I think is the coolest feature, closing tabs with a double click. Other cool features include “Mouse Gestures” which allows you to navigate using the mouse and also “super drag & drop” that lets you open a link simply by dragging it upwards (almost like throwing a link to open a new tab)

Try close Maxthon down completely and you’re handed a window asking if you’d like to save the session of open tabs for next time – very cool indeed.

Maxthon has a facilty for plugins too, checkout the cool plugins site
Once you try it you probably won’t go back to anything else any time soon.

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