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No bullshit – I ordered 4 x Maxtor 120Gb backup devices at, wait for it !!!!!!! €3.50!!!!!! each this morning from

Needless to say, they called me a couple of hours later saying they had made a mistake on their site and that the price was wrong. I insisted that they should fulfill the order as advertised. They insisted they were cancelling my order.

I then called EKPOIZO – the Greek Consumer Council – got some good advice, thanks. They suggested I write a letter. Well, in the modern spirit of blogging, no letter, just blog.

Now I’m no legal eagle but, a price advertised as far as I am concerned constitutes contract. However, in the spirit of good netizenship, I admit I thought that e-direct made a mistake when palcing the order but thought it wouldn’t hurt to place the order anyway. Because in commerce, both sides need to be honest for a transaction to be successful, and because e-direct took the trouble to admit to thier mistake, I’m happy to let this one go.

Pity, I could have used the disks Edirect

Απόδειξη παραγγελίας
Κωδικός παραγγελίας: #10509 Ημνία Παραγγελίας: 31/10/2005 8:15:33 πμ
Προϊόντα παραγγελίας

Α/Α Τίτλος Προϊόντος Ποσότητα Τιμή Συνόλου ΦΠΑ Σύνολο
1 Maxtor OneTouch External 120GB 4 €14,00 €2,66 €16,66
Σύνολο €14,00 €2,66 €16,66
Αποστολή παραγγελίας
Όνομα: Stavros
Επώνυμο: Messinis
Πόλη: Athens
Νομός: Αττικής
Χώρα: Ελλάδα
Τηλέφωνο 1:
Τηλέφωνο 2:
courier €5,60
Τελικό Σύνολο "

2 Responses to “Edirect”

  1. on 18 Mar 2007 at 1:54 pm 1.Stavros Messinis said …

    He He, nice comment – did I piss u off? No worries mate, chill out. I wonder how you would have reacted if you came to my e-shop and found a HDD for 3 Euro would you not attempt an order, even if you weren’t as “Stoopid as me”. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Negative comments are acceptable too. Next time use your real email if you’re not chicken!!

  2. on 17 Jun 2007 at 5:46 pm 2.Stavros said …

    File, ego arxidia exo. Esy an eixes tha mas evazes kai to onomataki sou. Asto – Den pirazei.

    Dear Friends –

    This post seems to have hit a nerve. I\’ve been getting countless replys telling me that Im pathetic, unmarryable, stupid, a gypsy !! Whatever. I\’m not approving anything that doesnt add to the conversation in any way.

    I even got one anonymous (you think so, A?? ha ha, he thinks so !!) reply telling me to approve his reply and let it go live (if I have the balls). His reply is really offensive and gives nothing to the conversation so I\’m not going to put it live. Not until he reveals to the world who he is. (by the way A, you still owe me money)

    News as of yesterday is that Edirect might be going out of business.

    See link 1

    See link 1

    Apparently they\’re in real financial trouble and none of their stores have opened over the last couple of days. Hey it wasn\’t the hard disks. I never got those.

    I wonder who\’ll be next to go out of business? – A?????

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