life &the net 12 Nov 2005 01:29 pm

Random Rants Re Multiple Online Persona’s


Are people transformed by using the internet?

Is it possible that using internet changes people, can we become fragmented mutliple personalities?

The internet empowers people, we are in charge of what we do online, we can be our own masters.

Everyone yearns to be creative, to create. Being creative is being in charge, is being powerful, thereby being hip. You cannot be boring online – screen names we use or avatars. Assuming persona, being different.

Blogs as tools are deeply personal, people spill their guts on blogs or blogs are boring. Blogs not neccessarily invented to challenge authority or as alternative news sources but as a tool to capture the living experience of a person. An online version of their life. There is value in everyones unique experience.

Wiki’s power is that you can do something on a site without gettting permission. Seeing your name in lights.

You can be creative online. You can be empowered.

When we pour our souls online we construct an image of ourselves – we give our readers a glimpse of who we are. We can effectivly show our personality, or assume another.

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