Technology 03 Aug 2006 03:56 am

Customer Support Sucks

Customer ServiceWhy is it that every time I need to talk to customer service from any (and all) cellular providers in Greece, I need to explain my problem to at least 4 people only to be told that my issue will be dealt with much later than I can possibly find acceptable?

You guys probably have a queue so long that it’s your strategy to pass customers on from agent to agent in order to buffer them while the actual knowledgeable agent is freed up to deal with them.

Instead of stringing me along for 40mins why dont you just say something like this “Hi, Im a junior buffer agent, I can’t help you right now but if you like we can chat about something other than your problem for a while. When the real agent is availble, I will connect you. So, whaddayawanna talk about …..”

Vodafone, Your customer support sucks – TIM, Your customer support sucks – Cosmote, Your customer support sucks


Nuff said


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