life 12 Sep 2006 12:32 pm

Brain Overload – Need a Holiday

brain-mapping.jpg“Memory failure owes more to interference from irrelevant information than to an inability to focus on relevant information”

I am tired. My brain is full. I either need a reboot (not a boot to the Head) or a memory upgrade. Since the upgrade’s not available yet, I’ll settle for the holiday (kind of like a reboot). I am literally unable to remember more than 3 digits at a time when noting down a phone number. The other day the boss stood accross the room and quoted a number for me to dial into the phone. I got it wrong three times in a row. He took over. I hav since reverted to carrying a large blue notebook around everywhere I go, noting things down, moving them off my RAM. Seems to be working and my productivity is slightly up – still, time off after the 25th for a couple of weeks.


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