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shameful 25 Apr 2007 03:00 pm

Abusive pricing is a function of what the market will bear.

Joseph writes:Abusive pricing is a function of what the market will bear. Take a look at pricing of 3G or GPRS access from mobile providers. Their pricing model has nothing to do with marking up the cost of the service. Traditional bandwidth has become a commodity, like it or not, it has. Cellular bandwidth has the mobility factor of course but the premium they charge for that mobility it is just outrageous. In this case it’s squarely a case of what the market will bear or what the perceived value is. Is it fair to expect a customer to pay more than 100 times the price per kilobyte because of mobility? I think not. Personally I try and use mobile internet access as damn little as possible. Not because I’m cheap but because it’s abusive.

the net 25 Apr 2007 02:40 pm

Funny thing about Vivodi

Vivodi is currently giving higher preference to callers enquiring about new connections than tech support for existing customers.

Dial 13880 –

press 3 for tech support, wait 10min to talk to clueless agent


press 8 to talk to sales agent, wait 5 seconds – agent available and happy to take your sales call.


Technology 25 Apr 2007 02:34 pm

Rant – My kind of iPod

It’s one more device when we should really be converging devices rather than adding to the pool. The P800 was (one of) the first converged devices, If I was to add another device it would be this:

I want an iPod that is wifi enabled, widescreen, 80GB+ of Flash – no more moving parts, No ITunes necessary, direct download to device, IR Port, induction chargable, solar panel on the back, make the surface out of bullet proof lexan, and why on earth do I have to buy a separate microphone anyway.