the net 31 May 2007 09:48 pm

Mahalo is all the rage

Jason launched the Mahalo search engine today – it looks really great. The front page looks like it’s a zeitgeist of sorts and it’s kindof funny to note what’s on peoples minds (seems like it’s showing more US minds though, the results would be starkly different if more International users were visiting and poking around) – take a look – for example under food, people seem to be searching for (in order of importance it seems)

Coffee, Cake, Pizza, Beer, Cheesesteaks, Organic Food
(you guys need to eat better)
and under HEALTH (at least one STD listed)
Yoga, Asthma, Colorectal Cancer, HPV, Depression
(no comment)

The front page really makes interesting reading. Love the interface, the whole thing is a neat new concept on search and is bound to catch on quickly (if the quality of results they promise materializes) or at least be a fad for a while.
Good luck Jason, it’s great work.

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