Full of Myself 09 Jun 2007 03:07 pm

Everyone Needs a Mission Statement

mission accToo often, we see people who are living life in a spin with no direction whatsoever. This affects almost everything they do and almost everyone around them. Sometimes I myself get in a spin and lose all sense of what is right and wrong. A roadmap for life would be a cool idea but with so many variables to consider it is an impossible task. Impossible is nothing they say, so there must be a way to define at least a general course for things we do or things that matter to us :

Whatever we do, like professional and personal goal setting, we all need a mission statement for our respective professional and personal lives. These should encompass our objectives, our core values and ethics and should be the lighthouse or beacon for everything we do. Doing this helps us define what is important and also gives us a picture of what we define as success.

Do you have a mission statement in either your personal or professional life?

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