Books 07 Jul 2007 09:53 am

Beasty Computers vs Lazy Programmers

I’m currently reading “Beginning Python” and there’s a great paragraph right at the front that I wanted to share.

PytPg 31. “The trend in personal computers has been away from reliability and toward software being built
on top of other, unreliable, software. The results that you live with might have you believing that
computers are malicious and arbitrary beasts, existing to taunt you with unbearable amounts of
extra work and various harassments while you’re already trying to accomplish something. If you
do feel this way, you already know that you’re not alone. However, after you’ve learned how to
program, you gain an understanding of how this situation has come to pass, and perhaps you’ll
find that you can do better than some of the programmers whose software you’ve used.”

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