work 05 Jun 2006 01:58 pm

Just Do It !

(Must give credit to the Nobility for this. It was his idea.)

I’m getting a little fed up of the “It’s not My Job” mentality that has beset my workplacedo it! recently, So, I decided a couple of days ago to print off a few Nike signs as shown here.

A truly inspiring message if you ask me. 
Simple black on White A4. A laser printer put to good use.

Attitudes vary of course. We have “Can Do” Attitudes, “Can’t Do” Attitudes, and “Won’t Do” attitudes. I can deal with the first two. We Love the first, We can teach the second but really now, can we accept the third?

Anyone that gives me the “It’s not My Job” attitude, gets a sign as a little gift.

To be fair, and because If I ever lead, I’d like to lead by example, I’ve given myself one first. It’s pinned above my desk for all to see.

One or two other colleagues have actually asked for copies so they can start handing them out too. Love it.


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