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A Quick Sketch Biography of Stavros Messinis

Chris Brogan had a great idea about letting readers of our blogs know more about who they’re reading. Here’s my attempt at a personal Quick Sketch Biography

  • The thing most people know me for is…My passion for technology and innovation, I’m always looking for a quicker, easier, cheaper way to do something. Sometimes I do it successfully, sometimes not
  • The people I associate the most with are…My family and those who inspire me
  • People who have influenced my life are…My parents, my brother, Mr Claasens in std 9, Michael Dertouzos, PaulW
  • One challenge I took on and overcame was…Swimming an open water long distance race without training, fueled by 12 dishes of spaghetti, 32 sachets of corn syrup and a bit of courage.
  • My early years, before you probably got to know me were…well protected from all foreign influences – I escaped to Europe at age 24 where my eyes were opened suddenly.
  • You might not know this, but …I was once a budding artist, photographer and electronics hobbyist.
  • I’m passionate about…Maria, Panos and George Jr II, Technology and my workplace
  • In the next year or two, I hope to…Run the Athens Classic Marathon and Buy a house

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  1. on 25 May 2007 at 7:24 pm 1.Chris Brogan... said …

    This is really neat. I love seeing the connection to your family. It’s a wonderful thing to see that commitment.

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